Haydn's chicken korma

Chicken korma | curry

If I make a curry then I generally make it from scratch,mixing all the spices, leaving the meat to marinate for hours on end and trying to make the naan myself too.  However all too often I will be greeted with cries of “I don’t like curry” “can I have a sandwich?” “what’s that?”  you get the picture.  However the kids will eat more if they have invested a little of themselves in the meal.

The meals that Haydn and Louloo like to make need to have a limited number of ingredients and need to be quick! They have homework and books and toys and mess to make. So this Chicken Korma is a bit of a cheats version, with off the shelf sauces, however it is so much nicer than a pre-packed supermarket curry.

It can be served with rice, with rice and naan or as a jacket potato topping.

The chicken can be substituted with lamb or beef, prawns, white fish or vegetables.

A very versatile meal I think you’ll agree.

Haydn's chicken korma
Chicken korma | curry
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