Why come cooking?

When you think of a children’s activity, it can be just another way to fill the hours of a long day with a preschooler in tow.

Being a parent/nanny can be tough, the day is long and very often lonely; so if you’re feeling housebound, but too nervous to go into new situations, do come and have a try. Make friends, make food and stay dry whilst doing it!

Cooking is fun to do

It has an educational value to the child, and helps introduce them to foods .  This is all done in an environment where they may be more inclined to try than they would at home.  It helps hand-eye co-ordination, and encourages good social skills… But it’s much more than that.

Cooking helps children’s personal, social and emotional development by providing opportunities for exploration, developing skills, confidence and autonomy.  Sometimes involvement in a single activity  for long periods of time with or without adult support. Cooking can be difficult, so children feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when they eat or take home what they have made. Older children can cook independently, following a recipe, selecting ingredients and tools themselves and asking for support if they need it from other children or adults.

Some of the children that cook with me have sensory issues with food; they dislike certain textures or do not like to touch certain foods.

Others were awesome eaters when they were weaning but are now refusing to eat foods that just a month ago were their favourites.

Some have always been fussy, and their parents want them to see other children trying and tasting foods to normalise it for their children.

Others just love to cook!

Whatever your reason for wanting to cook, you will all  be made just as welcome in my kitchen!

If your child is becoming a fussy eater, take a look at this article from BBC Good Food magazine.  It makes a lot of sense and might just stop you tearing your hair out.  Hopefully you will see you are not alone.

Maria xx



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