What to do with the egg-stra chocolate

This year, our children (10 and 5) told us that whilst they wanted an Easter egg and an egg hunt, they didn’t want too much chocolate!

So we took them at their word, and asked family members not to buy any eggs for them.

However, I know that some of you may have been over-run with the velvety smooth goodness, and at some point you are going to be fed up of all the half eaten chocolates sitting in their brightly coloured cardboard boxes.

So, here are my favourite recipes to use up the chocolate.

  1. Croissant dough with smashed up chocolate inside.
  2. Chocolate chip cookies.
  3. Chocolate chip muffins.
  4. Pancakes with broken chocolate.
  5. Grated chocolate curls. Freeze and they can be added to desserts whenever the fancy grabs you.
  6. Chocolate cornflake cakes.
  7. Chocolate dipping sauce. Melt it in the microwave and dip fruit in it

What would you do to use up the chocolate?  Please share your ideas,  I would love to give them a try.

Have a fab day

M x

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