Things we have learned this week

I am not a teacher, I run a cooking activity class for preschoolers and primary aged children.

I do hope the children learn something new from me every week, as much as I learn from them and their grown-ups!

This week I have learnt (or been reminded of the fact) that

tomatoes are a fruit,

bananas are the fruit of an herb,

everybody’s favourite thing to eat is cake mix (not that we encourage this you understand due to the dangers of raw egg consumption – but the parents are the worst offenders) and

a couple of lucky Dads are the proud owners of batman games!

It is amazing the information that preschoolers are willing to share with me – I 💟 it but I promise not to believe it all.

So I shall leave you all with some new found knowledge from Saturday cookery club.


The “piel de sapo” melon is so named because it resembles the skin of a toad.

Have a great Sunday, whatever your plans .