The great sunflower growing competition

Louloo and Haydn both have different ideas about what makes a great sunflower.  Haydn is all about the size, and Louloo is all about the colour.  So this year we have bought two different varieties and are growing them in a head to head competition.

So on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, as well as planting all of our vegetable seeds, we planted our sunflowers too.  Six of each variety were planted to ensure that the children each stand a chance of getting a plant to grow.


Haydn went for the ‘Titan’.


Louloo went for the ‘Magic Roundabout’.

His will probably be the biggest, hers will definitely be the most colourful, but will Mummy end up looking after them all summer long?


Which sunflower variety have you opted for this year?


Have a great day, Maria xxFacebooktwitterpinterest