Surprise afternoon tea

The kids both had school dinners at lunchtime.  It was roast chicken today, so they both said that they only wanted a sandwich for tea.

I decided to surprise them with an afternoon tea for two. 

Wraps, yoghurts, a scone with butter and homemade jam, and a Crafty Cooks oat biscuit.


No more than I would make for them if they were having packed lunch, but much more than they would eat .

It must have been so novel for it to be served in this way, because they both sat together, chatting away, eating it all.

They ate better than I have seen in a long time; now whether that was because they were hungry or because it was more fun than normal I guess I shall never know, but I think afternoon tea might put in another showing fairly soon.

Next time though I shall make sure I have more savoury bites ready.
Some pizza rolls maybe, or cheese and onion pasties.

What would you make for an impromptu afternoon tea for your children?