Crafty cooks garden Sowing seeds.

Welcome to the Crafty Cooks Garden.  Well not so much a garden, it’s an allotment plot about 4 miles from where we live.

I love growing my own fruit and veg, teaching my children where food comes from and hopefully encouraging them to be more open to experiencing new foods.  When they help me to cook, they are far more likely to try new foods, and I hope that growing the food too will be an extension of this.
imag0779.jpg  My husband does all the hard work, and the kids and I get to do the fun bits. The planting and watering and harvesting – actually I’m not sure now that he does the hard work at all.

Anyway, he has done all the getting it ready stuff at the beginning of the spring, and last weekend was mine and the kids turn to get going.

We went shopping for the seeds that we wanted, (we only plant the foods we like to eat) and set to it.


We sorted out the seeds that couldn’t be planted straight into the ground and got our planting containers ready.  (Read about how we up-cycled an everyday household object into a perfect planter).


Louloo filled up all of the pots with compost (make sure that your compost is safe to grow vegetables in).This did take about an hour because we had to stop and explore all of the mini beasts that live in nature – and our compost too it would seem!


Haydn filled the up-cycled containers.  No nature checking here for our 10 year old gardener!

imag0756_burst002_cover.jpg imag0758.jpg


We planted runner beans, dwarf (french) beans, giant sunflowers, rainbow sunflowers, courgettes, tomatoes, broad beans, strawberries and butternut squashes (known in this house as well as houses all over the land as Raymond).

All of the seeds were watered and then placed in the cold frame.  We shall check them in a couple of days, and as soon as this cold weather has passed we shall start to open the cold frame during the day, however in the meantime they will stay under cover and only watered as needed.

Watch this space to see how our  seeds grow into, hopefully, strong little plants.  Hopefully the first seedlings will be up in about 10 days.  I guess that means I have 10 days to get the allotment ready to plant in!

Do you have a vegetable garden?  What do you grow in it?



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6 thoughts on “Crafty cooks garden Sowing seeds.

  1. Sarah Burns says:

    awww, great pictures! My two love sowing seeds and we have a few that should be ready to go outside once the snow(!) and frost clears up. We also order some plants from a local fundraising group and they should arrive this weekend so we look forward to making out hanging basket and potting them all 🙂

  2. Leandra says:

    Such a great post! I love the photos and the fact that Louloo was more interested in the mini beasts than her big brother 😉 you’ve inspired me to get my seeds in this weekend now. thanks so much for joining in with #kidsinthegarden x

  3. jess says:

    you guys are so lucky to have that space! the waiting lists in my area for a plot are years and years!!!! lovely photos , I’ve grown a few bits and bobs past years but cats always dig them up and poo on my plants! i do grow a good mint plant tho!!!

  4. Sara Skillington says:

    How lovely to have an allotment! I bet the children are really excited to watch the seeds sprout and even more so to harvest them. Such a fantastic activity to do with children 🙂 I have pinned.#KidsintheGarden

    • Maria says:

      An allotment is fabulous. It is a lot of hard work and requires a decent commitment, however it is a great way to spend time together. We can lose an entire day up there during the Summer!

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