Do you have a fussy eater?

You’re not alone with having a fussy eater?

As grown ups, we all know that children can from time to time be fussy eaters.  Their favourite food yesterday is yucky today.  And other foods are always a non starter.  They can take some convincing about certain foods. It may be colour, texture, look or smell that has them clamping their mouth firmly shut, only opening it to say NO!  And whilst it may feel really hard, take solace in the knowledge that you are not alone.   From time to time most children will have a faddy phase.
Do you have a fussy eater
Would any of these foods be a trigger for a stand-off in your house?  Kids can be stubborn! It can often take multiple attempts to introduce a food to a child.  This unfortunately can make the dinner table a battle ground.  I am no stranger to this.  I have two children who, in the past and on occasion still do, display picky behaviour.   

Spotter books

At Crafty Cooks we see a lot of children for whom food is a bit of a challenge and so have taken the plunge and designed a spotter book which incorporates a reward chart! All the Crafty Cooks leaders are so pleased with how it’s turned out and we hope you will all love it too.
Join Tom, Emily, and their cat Molly as they go to the market and explore the foods around them. Use the book as a talking point with your child to discuss different foods and choose some to try at home, take the book with you to occupy them on a shopping trip and choose foods to explore.
Fruit and vegetable spotter book

Fruit and vegetable spotter book

Reward charts

Once you’ve explored your foods, be that looking; opening up and smelling for the fussier kids, or having a good taste for the less wary, you can put a tick on the reward chart picture and take a step on Granddad Crafty’s allotment reward chart. Individual reward charts will also be available separately too!



Tom Crafty

As well as the books, we have commissioned a gorgeous little Tom (25 cms or 10″) with removable hat and apron  that you can take shopping with you!  Tom is the little boy on our logo as well as the stickers that we give out in class.

Tom Crafty


These books will be available to buy from the end of May RRP £5
The reward chart is also included in the spotter book, however if you just want the chart, or want to give one to a friend, you can buy it separately.  RRP £1.50
The wait for Tom will be a little longer, however as soon as we have him, he will be coming to visit us in class, and help us out with our cooking and tasting.  Let’s hope he’s feeling brave! RRP 12.99
If you would like a book, reward chart or toy then please do let me know.


If you are going through this, Netmums have put together a great article full of tips to help you.

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