Painting fun with food

All the time I was growing up my parents told me not to play with my food, and I am just the same with my children, but we made an exception last week.

We were making beetroot and chocolate cakes,


Beetroot and chocolate cakes

and the beetroot had made a right mess of my hands while I was preparing it.  The staining doesn’t normally last too long, but when you are dealing with a kilo of it then the problems are magnified.

Instead of worrying about it, we embraced the mess and decided to see if we could paint a picture with the beetroot.  It does give a lovely pink colour on paper.

As well as the beetroot. We looked at other foods that could be used to colour with.

We used
Mustard powder
Custard powder and

We also looked at how easy it is to paint with food colouring too, and used yellow and blue.  Mainly because these colours are difficult to make with food.


I think the pictures that we made were brilliant.





Have you ever tried painting with food? What colours did you struggle with and which were the most effective?



3 thoughts on “Painting fun with food

  1. becky says:

    This is fab! Like Clare said I cant believe how vivid the colours are! I would expect them to b quite muted! We are definitly going to give this a go!

    Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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