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National vegetarian week

It always seems to be national this or that week, and this week is no different. I wasn’t sure that vegetarian week would be one that would hit my radar, as I am without doubt a die-hard carnivore; but it struck me that all of the recipes that we make for Crafty Cooks are vegetarian.

We are totally inclusive, so if you don’t eat meat for cultural or religious reasons, or you have made the personal decision to not eat meat, you don’t need to worry about our recipes.

When you make the recipes again you can add meat to many of them. Ham, chicken or pepperoni can improve a pizza no end. Chorizo can be added to the savoury muffins and quiches.

Anyway it is national vegetarian week, and as such we should celebrate with some veggie snacks, so here are a few of my Crafty Cooks favourites:

  • Vegetarian sausage rolls;
  • Mini quiches;
  • Savoury muffins;
  • Quinoa bites;
  • Cauliflower bread;
  • Spring rolls;

I love all of these, but my absolute favourite is the cauliflower bread.  It is really versatile, and tastes great.  In our sessions we make small bite-sized pieces, however I love to make pizza bases with it as well.

Cauliflower bread - perfect for pizza





Have a great day, Maria xxFacebooktwitterpinterest