Knives… too risky?

I let my children use knives. Sharp knives. Kitchen knives.

I was recently witness to a facebook “discussion” (okay it was a bear fight) regarding allowing our children to experience danger in a controlled and safe environment.

The two sides of the argument were so far apart that I struggled to believe that I was on the side that was considered to be so wrong. I am normally so firmly “on the fence” that I risk splinters – where you don’t want splinters!

I think that the row erupted over a Bear Grylls comment on how allowing children to experience danger empowers them. My son is a Scout, owns a penknife, and has a flint and steel at the top of his birthday list. He knows how to use the knife safely, and also knows to keep it well out of the reach of his sister!

As a parent, I think that my role is to empower my children. If I encourage them to avoid risk, then I risk not teaching them how to deal safely with all eventualities.

Sharp knives ARE dangerous in the wrong hands, but a blunt knife is also VERY dangerous.

Knives represent independence for my kids. By allowing them both to use them, in a controlled environment, I have seen that they are able to start to assess risks for themselves. They know that one wrong move, one silly action can have consequences, and as a result they are able to learn life lessons in real life situations.

My children are 11 and 6, and they follow one very simple rule, and I am going to share it with you.

Knives can only be used when there is a special grown up (Mum, Dad, Mimar or Grandma for example) close enough to kiss them.

What side of this fence do you fall on? Β Are you risk averse or do you want your kids to learn life lessons for themselves?
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