Class details

The sessions are held at my house in West Hunsbury, where I have a kitchen specially designed for smaller children to cook in with small chairs and a low table.

Classes are timed to last 45 minutes but please allow an hour. At the end of each session you’ll be given a recipe card to add to your very own recipe book so that you can make the recipes again and again, along with a reusable canvas bag to carry your goodies home in.

We also run holiday and weekend workshops as well as after school classes for older children, and parties for all ages.  Just ask for more details.


Parking is available in front of my house, and in front of the double garage around the back. There is also a parking bay at the bottom of the road in front of the fence for 2 additional cars.  Whilst the road is not generally busy during the day, please park considerately.


This term runs for 6 weeks from April 18th until May 25th


Week 1 Apple and apricot rock cakes
Week 2 Cheesy shapes
Week 3 Monkey cakes
Week 4 Cottage cheese rolls
Week 5 Coats of oats
Week 6 Mini Quiches


Day Time Spaces available This term’s fees
 Monday 10am 2 space  £30.00
Monday 1.30pm FULL  £30.00
Tuesday 10am 1 space  £45.00
Tuesday 1.30pm FULL  £45.00
Tuesday 4.30pm 1 space  £45.00
Wednesday 10am 2 spaces  £45.00
Thursday 10am 2 spaces  £45.00
Thursday 11.30am new class  £45.00
 Saturday  10.30am  call for details