Crafty Cooks vegetables are growing

This week in the Crafty Cooks Garden…

…it has been so disheartening when the children come downstairs and open the cold frame to see… well what do they see? just pots full of soil and no vegetables in sight! They really are impatient and want to see everything happen now , but I guess that’s childhood.  Nothing happens as quickly as they would like it to.

What has changed this week?

Well the sun came out for a start and the temperature started to rise, and not only did it feel like spring had sprung, there was a hit of summer in the air.  The smell of BBQs was in the air, the all too familiar chimes of the ice cream vans filled the early afternoon air and in the garden little green seedlings popped their heads above the soil, trying to get their first real sunlight.  The Crafty Cooks garden is starting to come to life.

The plants to brave the first real warmth of the spring were the cauliflowers that Louloo had planted; closely followed by Haydn’s sunflowers  and my courgettes.

Kids in the garden, The Crafty Cooks Garden. vegetables

The cauliflowers have won the race to become seedlings.

There’s still no sign of the strawberries, the French beans, the runner beans or the cucumbers, and I think I may have forgotten to even plant the tomatoes; but I think probably by the middle of the week all of our pots will have something to show for our hard work

Jobs for this week

This week we shall be tidying up the garden, hoeing the weeds at the allotment, planting some more seeds and then hopefully by the end of the week we will be able to pot on some of the bigger plants.

What will you be doing in the garden this week – playing, growing or just whiling away the hours?

Have a great day
M x

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