Eggy bread

Eggy bread or French toast

French toast or eggy bread?  In my house it's definitely eggy bread and its one of the recipes that my kids love cooking themselves. Eggy Bread A quick search of the internet also has this delicious snack called Bombay toast, German toast, gypsy toast, poor knights (of Windsor), or Torrija.  It actually doesn't matter what you [...]

cheesy plait

Hallowe’en party food (cheesy shapes)

We have had great fun joining up with the Kids Make and Bake Club this week to share our favourite Hallowe'en party food, Witches' fingers! The video showing Louloo making these is at the bottom of this post. To make these revolting looking snacks you will need the recipe below. Witches' fingers 3 oz plain flour1.5 [...]

More to porridge than Goldilocks

Our star ingredient this week was porridge oats. We learned that the reason so many people eat porridge for breakfast is that the high fibre content makes the oats difficult to digest.  This in turn means that you feel fuller for longer. We talked about other breakfast cereals with oats in, and I was astonished [...]

oaty biscuits (aka Gobnobs)

After my daughter was born, I used to spend a lot of time with my friend, drinking tea and indulging our shared passion for hobnobs (the homemade version we like to call gobnobs).  She has moved away now, but when I found out yesterday that she was going to be visiting today, there was nothing [...]


*Fajitzas are a delicious cross between fajitas and pizzas. They are as individual as pizzas; You can add ingredients as you please Roast chicken and salsa; Roasted peppers and goat's cheese; Sausage and caramelised onions. The only limit is your imagination.  Super quick to make, and they are a perfect snack or supper. To see first [...]