Kiddy friendly chilli con carne

Kiddy chilli con carne with homemade nachos

Who doesn't love a steaming hot bowl of chilli con carne? Whether you are eating a hearty bowl full in the midst of winter, having a movie night sharing platter with it dripping over the nachos or having a lunchtime snack with a jacket potato, chilli con carne is fabulous at any time. It's definitely [...]

Feeding bellies not bins|Carrot soup

This post was going to start out as just a quick carrot soup recipe, but has grown slightly from that which I had planned. "Feeding bellies not bins" is the tag line for Elsie's Pay As You Feel cafe, here in Northampton. The staff at Elsie's intercept perfectly edible food that the large supermarkets would [...]

cheesy plait

Hallowe’en party food (cheesy shapes)

We have had great fun joining up with the Kids Make and Bake Club this week to share our favourite Hallowe'en party food, Witches' fingers! The video showing Louloo making these is at the bottom of this post. To make these revolting looking snacks you will need the recipe below. Witches' fingers 3 oz plain flour1.5 [...]

Summer holiday sessions…bookings now open

  So there you have it - 8 sessions spread across the month, on different days of the week to help those of you who work. As you can see, places can be booked by emailing or ringing me, you can also message me on your favourite social medium. Places will only be confirmed upon [...]

from the cold frame to the warm allotment

This week on the allotment I have had a good week this week, and have made it to the allotment twice. Tuesday morning was a courgette morning, and Wednesday afternoon I spent a great couple of hours planting out the runner beans and the French beans. I also mulched almost all of the strawberries, but ran [...]

More to porridge than Goldilocks

Our star ingredient this week was porridge oats. We learned that the reason so many people eat porridge for breakfast is that the high fibre content makes the oats difficult to digest.  This in turn means that you feel fuller for longer. We talked about other breakfast cereals with oats in, and I was astonished [...]

Do you have a fussy eater?

You're not alone with having a fussy eater? As grown ups, we all know that children can from time to time be fussy eaters.  Their favourite food yesterday is yucky today.  And other foods are always a non starter.  They can take some convincing about certain foods. It may be colour, texture, look or smell that has [...]

The great sunflower growing competition

Louloo and Haydn both have different ideas about what makes a great sunflower.  Haydn is all about the size, and Louloo is all about the colour.  So this year we have bought two different varieties and are growing them in a head to head competition. So on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, as well as planting [...]

oaty biscuits (aka Gobnobs)

After my daughter was born, I used to spend a lot of time with my friend, drinking tea and indulging our shared passion for hobnobs (the homemade version we like to call gobnobs).  She has moved away now, but when I found out yesterday that she was going to be visiting today, there was nothing [...]

We are delighted to be joining Grow Wild

Grow wild have sent out their seeds now, and we were fortunate enough to get 25 packets. So we have enough seed to cover 50 square meters (about the size of 25 single beds) with beautiful wild flowers. Wild flowers are a really important food source for pollinators like bees and butterflies, and without the [...]