from the cold frame to the warm allotment

This week on the allotment

I have had a good week this week, and have made it to the allotment twice.

Tuesday morning was a courgette morning, and Wednesday afternoon I spent a great couple of hours planting out the runner beans and the French beans.
I also mulched almost all of the strawberries, but ran out of straw before I could get finished.  Never mind I shall pick up another small pillow of straw tomorrow and finish them off before the fruit starts to touch the floor.

So, back to Tuesday

Phil had cleared out the old play house from the allotment plot and had removed all traces of couch grass from inside it, so all that was left to me was to plant the courgettes.  Of the 8 seeds that we had planted in the cold frame, 7 of them had grown (although one was definitely a runt).  I shall just have to remember to keep an eye on the weather now and pop up before the school run if there is no sign of rain, although with half term to water them.  Courgettes have always proven to be a really thirsty plant, and I am determined to get the absolute maximum from my plot this year.

We are hoping that from the seven plants we have grown, that we will have enough fruit to be able to make courgetti, to be able to freeze slices for lasagna, and to make a lot of ratatouille.  What is your favourite courgette dish?

Wednesday was also a good day.

I managed to sneak a couple of hours on my own on the plot, and during that time I cleared a couple of beds and replanted them.  The beds looked so overgrown, but in actual fact only took about 10 minutes to clear.  They were full of all of the beanstalks from last year that we had left over the winter.  Hopefully we will see the benefit of leaving them where they were to allow the nitrogen back into the soil.  Watch this space!


The strawberries didn’t have a good year last year.  It was the worst year that I can remember, and we only produced enough fruit to eat.  There was none spare for jam, which was a real shame.  This year we have about 80 plants which are already laden with fruits, so as long as the weather gods are nice to us, and we get the beds netted up by the end of the week we should be okay.

I’m hoping for at least a pound of strawberries every couple of days!

We are back up there today, as soon as the kids are dressed to plant up the remaining seeds and plants!  Off the top of my head we will be planting butternut squash, cucumbers, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, onions and peas – as well as anything else I find in my seed box.  It will all need a good soaking too, once I can fight my way from my plot to the tap!  (edited to add:  oops I can’t find the shed key!  Hubby not very happy with me)

More pictures later!


Have a great day, whatever you have planned!


Maria x






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