Alchemy or sorcery

I love The Great British Bake Off but bread week frightens me. It’s all very technical, with under proving, over proving, undercooking, raw dough.  So many things can go wrong.  It’s more science than caking!

So this week I paid extra special attention to try and pick up some tips, and I think tomorrow I shall be mostly making soda bread.


Now, during a crafty cooks session, when all the yummies are in the oven, we have 10 or 15 minutes to look at some of the ingredients we have been using.

More often than not this involves taste, but when we made soda bread we were able to look at a little bit of the science involved.

Pre schoolers may not understand fully alkalis and acids but they can still be overawed by watching what happens when they come together.

The aim of our experiment was to see just how much gas is given off during this reaction, and we decided to see if it was enough to blow up a balloon.

We needed :
A plastic milk carton
A balloon
Bicarbonate of soda
White vinegar

Place about 1 tbsp of soda into the milk carton and add a glug of vinegar.
Place the balloon over the neck of the bottle and sit back and watch.


Not bad eh?