Advent baking Day 2

The whole idea behind this 24 days of baking was to fill the freezer with baked goods in time for Christmas.

And today, after sending some old photos of these Berry Splodges into a magazine, I decided they would be today’s recipe.

So while dinner was cooking, I decided to whip up a quick double batch that went in to the oven as I served up dinner.  15 minutes later, we were all done and then these came out of the oven.  No prizes for guessing that they didn’t all reach the freezer.  They tasted so great with lashings of hot custard all over them.

So tomorrow I will be making more, as well as the other recipe I have planned, and they WILL go in the freezer just as soon as they have cooled.


5oz.  self raising flour
1oz. butter
1oz. sugar
2oz frozen berries
Milk, to bind

Rub together the flour and the butter. Add all the other ingredients and form a nice dough.
Flatten with your hands and cut out shapes.  Place on a baking tray and cook for 12 to 15minutes in oven preheated to 220degrees.

Enjoy, Maria xx