Advent baking, day 3

I have given up on the idea of being able to bake every day for 3 weeks.  Life is getting in the way.

There are presents to be bought, presents to be wrapped, the usual household chores to be carried out, as well as cleaning our stuff away to make room for our family descending on us.

Anyway I felt the need to bake for myself this week so I had a mad 90 minutes on my own in the kitchen, whilst the children reacquainted themselves with Peabody and Mr. Sherman.

And what a productive time it was, I managed to get 36 apricot and apple rock cakes, 18 pizza rolls and 30 cheese and apple muffins baked and into the freezer.


Sweet or savoury? Delicious cheese and apple muffins


I have a feeling that I now have enough baked goods to keep my family happy.

But I shall keep going.

Maria x