I’m Maria and I have been baking ever since my Nanny Walsh taught me the noble art of making Welsh Cakes when I was 4 or 5. I am now passing on my love of cooking to my children H and Louloo, and hope to be able to pass this enjoyment on to your children too.

In the grown up world, I can be found playing a role in local community groups, am a school governor, and have recently helped start up a tots group in a local village.

I am a home cook, nothing more nothing less. I have received no formal catering training, however I have always loved baking. So after the birth of my daughter I looked at how I could embrace this love of food, at the same time as staying home to look after her – and the rest is history.

I am really looking forward to meeting you and your little ones, at either term time classes or holiday workshops, and helping you to enjoy making, baking and tasting a wide variety of goodies (without having to worry about the washing up).


Crafty cooks

Here at Crafty Cooks we believe that a love of cooking and an ability to do so is an important skill that every child should have. That is why we start to teach children from as young as 2.5 years old, how to cook a whole range of delicious, nutritious dishes. We cook both sweet and savoury recipes; from beetroot cakes to mini quiches and from vegetarian sausage rolls to mince pies.

Time is now far more precious than it used to be and many busy families have neither the time, nor the inclination to create the inevitable mess that will ensue when a toddler meets a bag of flour. That’s where Crafty Cooks comes in, your child can come along to a fun and friendly environment with similarly aged children and learn how to create a variety of culinary delights…. Safe in the knowledge you’ll have no tidying up to do at the end!

Crafty Cooks is great for the fussier child, and anyone keen to teach their child about the food we eat. Whilst the food cooks we run an activity as a group; tasting and discovering new foods and finding out where they come from.

 With thanks to John Jolliffe aka the Cheeky Monkey Man for use of his wonderful music.
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