A roast dinner…too much too soon?

I was on a training course last Sunday, and Haydn told me that he was going to make dinner!  “A roast, Mum”, he said.  “A proper dinner for when you get home”.

Well, what could I do?  I got all of the ingredients and I wrote him a list of what to do and when! (luckily, the course finished early, and I got home in plenty of time to take him to the park, and then get home to cook dinner with him).

It got me thinking that there is nothing really difficult about cooking a roast dinner, it is just a lot of prep, and timings!

So here you go – here is Haydn’s and my guide to the timings for a roast chicken dinner, (the chicken I bought was a 5 pounder).

The timings I shall give you here are to sit down at 5 pm, adjust for your individual dining time, and also for the size of your roast!

Remember the following cooking times:
Chicken 20 minutes per lb, plus 20 minutes at 190° (170° fan) or Gas Mark 5;
Lamb & Pork  30 minutes per lb plus 30 minutes 180° (160° fan) Gas Mark 4;
Beef 25 minutes per lb plus 25 minutes 180° (160° fan) Gas Mark 4.

So, here we go.

2.15pm  Turn oven on.
2.16pm  Pour yourself a glass of wine.
2.20pm  Peel potatoes.
2.30pm  Put chicken in the oven.
2.35pm  Peel carrots and parsnips.
2.45pm  Make yorkshire pudding batter*.
4.15pm  Remove chicken from oven and turn oven up to 230° (210° fan). Cover the chicken with foil and leave to stand.
4.20pm  Put lard in yorkshire pudding tin and place in oven.
4.25pm  Put batter in pudding tin and place in oven.
4.25pm  Put parsnips in oven proof dish, drizzle on olive oil and put in oven.
4.28pm  Second glass of wine fits in about here.
4.30pm  Put potatoes and carrots on to boil, turn down to simmer when they come to the boil.
4.40pm  Heat fat from chicken in saucepan and mix in a tbsp of plain flour. Add your preferred gravy browning (I use Birdall’s gravy salt).
4.45pm  Add frozen peas to carrots.
4.50pm  Carve the chicken.
4.55pm  Strain all the vegetables (reserving the water for the gravy) and serve.
5pm        Pour a glass of wine for the adults, soft drinks for the kids, sit and enjoy your meal.


*Every family has their own foolproof recipe for yorkshires.  Here’s mine:

300ml full fat milk
2 eggs
4oz plain flour
salt and pepper

Mix it all with a stick blender, and leave to rest. Simples!


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4 thoughts on “A roast dinner…too much too soon?

    • Maria says:

      The wine is definitely obligatory when cooking a roast dinner. I would love to see you one day at a crafty cooks session. x

  1. Jenny - Monkey and Mouse says:

    Love how you broke it all down, completely foolproof directions! I’ll have to remember it for when I next cook a roast (not as often as my husband would like!). Love that Haydn made dinner for you all, I hope my two want to do that when they’re older! Thanks for linking up to #HowtoSunday 🙂 x

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