A new chapter…

My daughter graduated from nursery today.  She started in January of last year (the term after her 3rd birthday) and she has excelled beyond our wildest dreams.  The shy, reticent toddler has long gone and has been replaced by a feisty, stubborn, no nonsense, loving, playful little madam!

So our Summer Holidays can now start in earnest.

My son wants to cook every day to catch up on all the recipes that his sister has cooked while he has been at school.   So I checked the ingredients cupboard earlier and we are good to go.  So tomorrow is pizza rolls and lemon biscuits – Followed by a long run in the park to shift some of the calories (for me, not them!)

Although this may be subject to change as one of his friends has just asked if she can come here tomorrow to make and bake tortillas😨