6 weeks of picnics, parks and playing

I love the Summer holidays.  No school run, no stressing at the children to get out of bed, get dressed etc.

I love the freedom that we have to just enjoy each other’s company and play together.

But the flipside of this is the never-ending demand for food.  Seriously, how much food can 2 children eat in 6 weeks?  These are the children that during term time have to be cajoled into eating enough food to keep them going until the next meal!


The answer that works for us is to plan a picnic for everyday of the week!  They demand less in the way of treats and eat more veg, salad and fruits.

We don’t even need to go out for the picnic (which triggers a new set of demands for ice cream and sweets); a carpet or garden picnic suits us just fine.

But… just how can we make the picnic more interesting than limp sandwiches, sweaty cheese and salad that goes untouched.

Here are a few of our favourite picnic foods:

Cheese and chive puffs
Cheese and Onion pasties
Mini veg quiches
Vegetabla samosas

and of course no self respecting picnic is complete without

Cheese and tomato pizza rolls.

My children, aged 10 and 4 are perfect capable of making any of these recipes with minimal supervision.  And after just under an hour in the kitchen, we are ready to go outside and enjoy the fruits (or veg) of our labours.

Do you have a favourite picnic recipe? Or do your kids eat anything as long as they can eat while sat on a blanket?


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